Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy can mean many things to many people. Steve combines physical rehabilitation education and research from his chiropractic education and continuing education, a therapy focused 200-hour yoga teacher training, a 300-hr 'Foundations of Yoga Therapy' training, a low back focused yoga therapy training, Love Your Brain yoga therapy training, and research into fascia anatomy and movement patterns to provide safe, effective, clinically proven yoga for improved health and wellness.


The Yoga Therapy offered through Evolution of Balance provides:

  • Safe methods that incorporate healthy alignment
  • Guidance and considerations for healthy posture
  • Attention to fascia anatomy and lines of tension
  • Breathing patterns that promote health, improvd posture, and reduce anxiety
  • Core stability and strengthening
  • Strengthening weak, chronically weak, and tight muscles
  • Gentle stretching to improve ranges of motion and reduce tension through the fascia and shortened muscles
  • Attention toward Mindfulness and yoga principles

Current and Upcoming Offerings