"Dr. Blair was very good at explaining in plain English what is going on with my knee. I am already starting to see improvement after a week of doing the exercises he suggested."


"Dr Blair and the rest of the staff are so sweet and amazing!! Great costumer service! I went and express my needs and my doctor was so understanding and so sweet and so nice. By the time the appointment was done I was so relieved in less pain and felt understood. I love them. I would recommend anybody to go there."


“First off, amazing experience all around, 10/10.... Right off the bat I was treated respectfully. Dr. Blair is professional, educative, proficient in evidence based medicine and leans towards natural methods of kinesiology. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Blair who immediately made me feel at ease, wonderful bedside manner. I'm a very firm advocate for evidence based research and what science can tell us about the human body. Dr. Blair evaluated me and explained the nature of my affliction. His evaluation was extremely thorough and helped me understand what he was looking for/found. During the evaluation I was very comfortable and relaxed. We worked on stretching methods, potential options (yoga), and he helped me understand posture as a learning process. It was an pro-active experience, and I learned how to correct my posture while he physically showed me until I got the method correct. I was adjusted, he asked me for my consent, and it was immediate and wonderful relief. He discharged me with instructions on how to alleviate and reduce pain by understanding the anatomy and correcting my bad posture. He told me what to expect the next couple of days but to continue the therapy on my own.

This was hands down the best chiropractic appointment I've ever had. Dr. Blair is an outstanding doctor, compassionate, and direct. He made me very comfortable and I've learned so much! I never felt rushed or belittled. I'm definitely recommending him to my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Blair!”


"I can't say enough nice things about Dr Blair. He has a holistic approach to my health and is so much more than a chiropractor; he has been able to solve some strange issues that I wouldn't think are chiro related (weak hip flexors, weak wrists, a tight jaw); he has a super convenient schedule (including Saturdays!); he takes his time; he is personable and I feel that he truly cares about my health and comfort."


"I am a chiropractor from Minnesota and was in need of an adjustment after flying and being pregnant. Dr. Steven Blair was very nice to fit me into his schedule and helping me get out of pain fast. He is very personable and professional."


"I went to Dr. Blair by recommendation from a friend. I was in severe pain in my neck, back, and arms/hands. From the very first office visit, Dr. Blair made me feel comfortable and was able to zone in on my trouble spots. I have even received relief during a sinus infection and most recently from a strained muscle that was causing pain in my foot. The plan and time to work on my issues was completely acceptable and I have experienced terrific results. I am able to return to activities to continue my path to good health. I highly recommend Dr. Blair."