Laser Therapy at Evolution of Balance is an effective form of treatment for many conditions.

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Laser Therapy is administered using a Class IV medical grade laser that delivers light therapy (often referred to as photobiomodulation in research) through 4 wavelengths simultaneously or independently at any range of intensities from the “cold laser” or “low level laser therapy (LLLT)” range up through the high intensity laser therapy ranges characteristic of a Class IV laser.

Unlike LLLT, people receiving higher intensity laser therapy frequently report a treatment effect after the first treatment. All laser therapy research recommends a treatment protocol of several visits and cites a cumulative or a building effect from a series of visits beyond what is experienced from a single visit. Laser therapy protocols for most conditions recommend two to three sessions per week for four to six weeks, and depending on the condition, subsequent follow up visits for wellness care.

Laser Therapy has demonstrated that it is an effective treatment for many conditions as a stand alone treatment modality; also, research has consistently demonstrated that patients that receive chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, or exercise therapy heal faster when laser therapy is added to the treatment regimen. Laser therapy can be a stand alone treatment received at Evolution of Balance; you are not required to be a chiropractic or yoga therapy patient to receive laser therapy services. As an inverse, you are welcome to schedule a visit to receive laser therapy in the same appointment as a chiropractic or yoga therapy session.

Are you wondering what Laser Light does in the body?

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While laser therapy has an abundance of inspiring research supporting its use for many conditions, insurance providers classify laser therapy as “experimental.” Laser Therapy is currently not a covered service under any insurance plan. You may pay through your HSA account for laser therapy services at Evolution of Balance; however, laser therapy is an out of pocket expense with payment due at time of service.


Single Laser Therapy Session - $50
Laser Therapy 12 Session Pack - $500

Laser therapy treatment is very safe with virtually no side effects when safety and treatment protocols are followed. The two risks are eye injury and burns. The patient and any person in the treatment room is required to wear safety glasses while the laser is operating and all are instructed not to look into the beam. Laser treatment protocols are adhered to by the provider and the patient is provided a safety shut off switch that offers a locus of control to the patient if the need arises to stop care immediately due to heat, discomfort, or any other reason.

Laser Therapy at Evolution of Balance is not provided in or around the eyes, during pregnancy, directly over pacemakers or other medical devices, or over tumors. While it is not recommended to perform laser therapy over tumors, a recent well conducted study showed no tumor growth or remission as a result of laser therapy.

If you have more questions about Laser Therapy at Evolution of Balance or would like to discuss whether Laser Therapy may be a treatment option for you, call to schedule a Free Consultation.