Evolution of Balance combines the sciences of Chiropractic and Yoga to help people on their path to optimal health, quality of life and life balance. While chiropractic and yoga come from separate philosophies, research demonstrates there is remarkable overlap where both promote integrated health and wellness in many ways.

Whether the goal is to have less pain and suffering, healthy alignment, balance through the body, healthy flow through the nervous and circulatory systems, balanced breathing patterns, functional movement, a healthy diet, a balanced mind, or simply improved general health, we are here to help you Evolve in Balance.


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FRIDAY   12PM – 6 PM

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Most people seek chiropractic care looking for a way to manage or alleviate pain symptoms. Evolution of Balance helps people out of pain fast and back to their required tasks and inspired activities. We empower patients on their paths to health by providing tools, skills, education and information so they know how to manage their current symptoms and learn how to prevent them from coming back.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga is thousands of years old having sprung from the Ayurvedic health sciences. Yoga is an inward journey for physical, emotional and spiritual health that incorporates self-exploration with a mind/body connection for wellness, growth, ease, and peace.

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Dr. Steven Blair, DC, RYT

Dr. Steven Blair is the founder, owner and primary facilitator of services for Evolution of Balance, LLC. He combines traditional & alternative methods with the belief that chiropractic and yoga therapies, along with a healthy diet, quality sleep, and an active lifestyle is the best path for healing and optimal health. Providing compassionate care with informed experience and research that focuses on his clients & patients, he may additionally offer appropriate referrals based on the needs of the individual's condition. Read More About Dr. Blair


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“I can’t say enough nice things about Dr Blair. He has a holistic approach to my health and is so much more than a chiropractor; he has been able to solve some strange issues that I wouldn’t think are chiro related (weak hip flexors, weak wrists, a tight jaw); he has a super convenient schedule; he takes his time; he is personable and I feel that he truly cares about my health and comfort.”