Evolution of Balance combines the sciences of Chiropractic and Yoga to help people on their path to optimal health, quality of life and life balance. While chiropractic and yoga come from separate health philosophies, there is remarkable overlap.

Yoga is thousands of years old having sprung from the Ayurvedic health sciences. Yoga is an inward journey for physical, emotional and spiritual health that incorporates a mind/body connection for wellness, growth, ease, and peace.

Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that the body has, within it, the power to heal and thrive when provided healthy alignment and motion, as well as other necessities for health such as well-rounded nutrition, appropriate exercise and quality sleep. While a chiropractor may be used to help with alignment, joint motion, and health advice, both yoga and chiropractic sciences are focused on the healing wisdom from within; both employ a holistic or whole body and mind approach to healing.

Research regularly demonstrates that both yoga and chiropractic promote health in many ways. Evolution of Balance applies understandings of structural alignment, movement patterns, posture, research into physical rehabilitation, nutrition, and mind/body psychology for health and wellness.

Whether the goal is to have less pain and suffering, healthy alignment, functional movement patterns, balance through the body, healthy flow through the nervous and circulatory systems, a healthy diet, balanced breathing patterns, a balanced mind, or simply, generally improved health, we are here to help you Evolve in Balance.

You can find Evolution of Balance at:

the Health Collective

420 W. Mendenhall St.  Bozeman, Montana  59715


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